Childcare Het Steentje is a family daycare where all children are welcome from every family shape. Here we want each child to actively participate and contribute to a warm second home with respect for each other's individuality. 

We also try to adapt our approach in a targeted manner to the needs and interests of each child. Kinderopvang Het Steentje is therefore also open to children with a more intensive demand for care. At kindergarten Het Steentje, we trive to provide babies and toddlers between 0 and 3 years with the best possible care on a professional level (according to the Child and Family decree). 

When a child requires specific care, this is followed up as possible, working closely with the parents and any physicians involved. These doctors are also welcome during the opening hours, in order to ensure the necessary care for the child. 

Children with food allergies and / or who develop food allergies during the course of their development are also welcome. Food preparation is strictly according to the standards and care is taken during feeding times with other children to prevent cross-contamination. The allergen-free meals are fully provided for by the daycare without additional charge.