Kinderopvang Het Steentje works with a daily price that is related to income. For the possibility to receive childcare, you must register on the waiting list. 

Parental contribution 

From January 2014, all parents who pay a price for childcare on the basis of their income must do the calculation of this income rate themselves via the calculation module on the website of Kind en Gezin, whereby information is extracted from the databases of the National Register and the FPS Finance . You request a certificate of income rate per child.

How do you apply for your income tax certificate? 

You need: 

- An email address

- identity card 

- an eID reader and the PIN code of your identity card

OR a token

1. U go to on te left u will find 'Mijn Kind en Gezin'
2. U register ( u will receive a confirmation email)
3. After registration u go to 'Bereken inkomenstarief kinderopvang' and follow the steps.

You bring a printed certificate with you when registering, or you send the certificate directly via e-mail, preferably before you enroll.


Min. € 1,56 / day

Max. € 28,59 / day

True the link below you will be directed to the form where your request for enrollment will be included in the waiting list of VZW kinderopvang. Normally you will receive a confirmation within a week.